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photo Adult sailing program

Enjoy the wonderful world of sailing.
Adult sailing program is offered to everyone, from the very beginners to the experienced. The program is open to bachelors, couples, husband and wives, in all age group. Feel free to join the sailing program at your convenience.
  • Duration: 6 months, from May to October of every year
  • Instruction: Sailing skill, knots, weather, etc.
  • Fee: 30,000 yen, including the cost of insurance and text book

Youth program
(Junior Yacht School)

Optimist, a single-handed dinghy, is utilized in the youth program. All instructors are well qualified with extensive experience in sailing. Youth program promotes sense of courtesy, discipline, cooperation, and service.
  • Age: Boys and girls from the 3rd grade to the 9th grade
  • Fee: 40,000 yen during the 6 month course, addition fee for overnight camp
  • Classes: Every other Sundays, from 0900 to 1600
  • Practice boats: 20 Optimist single-handed dinghies
  • Please bring your own lunch and wear appropriate clothes.
    Late enrollment is acceptable until June.
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